company LAN

(Nearly) all companies use local area networks. One reason is their stability and reliability as well as the provided large bandwidths which offer high speed transmission. Another reason are the communications streams circulating more within a company, depending on the company's size, than are directed to the outside world. It is also eminently important that incoming / outgoing communication is secure, e.g. by the use of firewalls and anti-virus programs in order to protect your sensitive data from unauthorized accesses.

Due to various projects involving network planning and re-structuring, we can offer long-standing experiences.

The planning of LANs requires extensive knowledge of network architecture. But not only of network architecture, but also the architecture of the buildings in question and of the so-called passive elements in networks. Since LANs are installed in the most varied environments, steps must be taken to protect the installed components from outside influences. Such steps e.g. include special network housings of different levels of protection, sufficient climatisation, fire and water protection, etc. This know-how has to be considered during network planning to achieve a complete network architecture.

Many issues can be achieved better and more cost effective by preventive hazard control. However, such know-how can only be gained by long-term experiences in this area. We can offer you this experience, in close co-operation with your facility management right from the planning phase.

We can also offer know-how of older technologies so that we can support you when migrating to new structures.

We make you fit for the future.

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