automotive industry LAN

Constantly in motion - the global players of the automotive industry. And to be always up-to-date, especially with regard to the networks so highly important for the enterprises. Locations are distributed around the world, and the networks are the same the world over, or rather should be, and have to work flawlessly wherever they are installed. When requirements change, the networks have to adjust. Stability is imperative! Automotive enterprise have to and want to fully concentrate on the development and production of cars, communications networks (i.e. the IT infra-structure) are a  „minor matter“.

Themain task for the Co-ordination of the Project Management in Europe for PFCN (Plant Floor Control Networks) is the re-structuring of the existing network architecture in Europe. This task comprises the definition of the volume and timeframe of the projects, the control of the detailled planning of the active components (switches / routers), the tracking of purchasing processes, the
in-time implementation of all elements as well as the co-ordination of all involved departments and personnel - in close co-operation with the respective partners.
The Co-ordination of the Project Management acts as interface between all departments involved in a project - across Europe. Reporting to the respective partners and the management ensued in regular meetings.

The responsible Co-ordination of the Project Management was able to collect valuable experiences in this project. Especially in the areas project planning, co-ordination and implementation taking into account the legal and proprietary standards. Planning and co-ordination of purchasing as well as material logistics were also part as personnel management and deployment, co-ordination of activities at the involved European locations, and last not least keeping to the budget.

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